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The director of Hispanic engagement at Turning Point USA discussed the caravan of illegal immigrants with Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly asked Anna Paulina about who’s behind the funding of the illegal caravan and the answer may not surprise you.

O’Reilly and Anna Paulina. VIDEO HERE

There is big money moving this caravan of thousands of illegal immigrants to America. A Chicago based “open borders” organization is responsible for the thousands of migrants who have been making their way towards our borders.

La Familia Latina Unida (“The United Latin Family”) that is based in Chicago, IL has helped thousands of migrants make their way up to America.

They are a left leaning open borders organization that is heavily funded by George Soros. George Soros is a globalist not a nationalist, nothing he does is good for America.

Other major liberal organizations have supported the entrance of the hundred of thousands of illegal immigrants. Soro’s funding has been tied to many of these organizations.

“The caravan is organized by a group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, [b]ut the effort is supported by the coalition CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which includes Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN), the American Immigration Council (AIC), the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) – thus the acronym CARA,” WND reported.

Emma Lozano, Executive Director Pueblo sin Fronteras

“At least three of the four groups are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.”

Anything funded by George Soros is bad news for America.

Social media and the mainstream media is censoring the truth about where this funding comes from. They are also silencing conservative voices all over the internet.

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