Ed. Donald Trump is the mortal enemy both of the Democrat left and left-leaning “Republicans.” The reason—-he has ascended to the highest office in the land WITHOUT having paid the political dues demanded of those who wish to enjoy the myriad advantages reserved for the ruling class. This constitutes a sign of marked contempt for those who preceded him.

President Trump MUST therefore be destroyed, both to prevent a growing number of Americans realizing that it does NOT take a professional politician to govern wisely AND to warn other men of genius, experience and honor that politics and love of country do NOT mix.

Hat Tips: navypatriot and Suzanne Eovaldi

Tuesday –
February the 26th, 2019
Hebraic Year 5779

“Son of Man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me” (Ezekiel 3:17). The role of a watchman is to warn and teach.


The Mueller Report is likely to be released on March 1st or that week. The report is concluded, and was scheduled for release to the U.S. Attorney General this week, but now appears to be delayed for unknown reasons. Attorney General William Barr will review the full and complete report comprising of all investigations and evidence gathered over the past two years. He will then, pursuant to federal statute, make determinations as to which parts, if not the whole of the report, can be released to the public. Interestingly six Congressional Committee Chairs have communicated with the Attorney General that they want the entire set of findings released to the public, save those sections that might compromise national security. Their communication to the Attorney General is fascinating given the real possibility that nothing of substance will be found regarding Donald Trump and collusion with Russia.

A very serious concern, and hence my sending this now, if there is anything whatsoever in the Mueller Report that even remotely implicates President Trump, the Democrats will begin in earnest with calls for impeachment!! They will simultaneously proceed to publicly cry-out that Mr. Trump is unfit to hold office, and his dealings are highly questionable, highly suspect. They will shout even louder over items like the Border Wall being immoral, unethical, and the means by which Mr. Trump proceeded to build this wall are unconstitutional. There will be non-stop harassment by Democrats, but likely RINO’s also. So…from the moment the Mueller Report goes public, and for approximately 120-days thereafter, the Mueller Report will be “weaponized against Trump” in a manner heretofore not seen. Likewise, because of the inordinate amount of money and time spent on this report, the public is going to become enraged at no findings. A political and even civil disorder fuse will be lit by the Dems and Deep State operatives, and the nation will see orchestrated chaos in Washington, DC, and most likely in selected cities across America. Very ugly time coming, and coming quickly and ferociously.

Donald Trump is going to be made to look guilty of something so Mueller can get off the hook, and the Democrats will have much cannon fodder to shoot out across the Land on a real steady basis. Removing President Trump from office has always been priority #1. Weakening him so he cannot lead effectively is priority #2. Isolating him in Washington, DC is also a priority. Get ready…for the Socialist Democrats are about to be unleashed in a mean-spirited manner you have not seen before, and this will sound and be far uglier than anything you have seen already.

Lyle J. Rapacki,Ph.D.