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Blackface, Cow farts, Gov Ralph Northam, Ocasio Cortez, Sen Elizabeth Warren

Two Stories, Humorously United

CAUTION: NOT Elizabeth Warren; NOT a relative; NOT a political supporter. Also, not impressed by Blackface or Cow Farts

Ed.  A beauty, as usual, from Powerline and John Hinderaker

from Powerline of February 9th

by John Hinderaker

It has been a terrible, horrible, very bad week for the Democrats. The fiasco in Virginia–which has just gotten worse, as Paul noted a little while ago, and the latest Elizabeth Warren pratfall are two of the several stories that have embarrassed the Dems. Michael Ramirez unites them in this very funny cartoon.


Sometimes ridicule is the only appropriate response. And I haven’t mentioned  Ocasio-Cortez’s cow genocide….

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