Hat Tip: Michael Bruno

by Jerry Avalos

The absolute lunacy that has effected this country is dividing this country in ways that was never thought possible. Agreeing to disagree or agreeing to differ for the sake of ending discord is no longer possible. The left has reached new levels of absurdity, much of which is so outrageous that it truly makes one agree with the premise that the left is psychotic.OBAMA AND SOROS

According a June 9, 2016 article by The New York Post, scientists have come out and said that liberals, not conservatives tend to be psychotic. Scientists have identified liberals with having an illness called “psychoticism” which is associated with traits such as “tough-mindedness, risk-taking, sensation-seeking, impulsivity and authoritarianism.” While this sounds outlandish and I am not making this up, we need to ask ourselves what have we ourselves observed?

There are countless videos of leftists such as ANTIFA out in the street, they identify themselves as leftists many times holding traditional hammer and sickle flags, their MO is usually vandalism, arson, and even violence and many times it doesn’t have to be a group such as ANTIFA.

Antifa thugs

Another question is would you wear a MAGA hat in public? If not why not? I was listening to Breitbart News, Alex Marlow the host asking that same question and admitted that unless he wanted to be attacked, he would not wear a MAGA hat in public. This is absurd, but the left or liberals have for the most part identified the MAGA hat with racism.

We as Conservatives would not have an issue with someone wearing a pink pussy hat, while we may be disgusted by it, we readily agree it is their right to do so because we respect free speech. But the liberals do not agree with it and if you wear a MAGA hat, they will either do several things, get in your face and scream, grab your hat, or simply assault you. We may see this as outlandish, but surprisingly, they don’t, in other words they do not see anything wrong with being physical with you. If you disagree with it, then walk down the street or a mall with a MAGA hat.

One of the traits of liberals is authoritarianism, which is identified as the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. Where do we see this?

Everywhere, social media is a good example where on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube, Conservatives are gagged by having their accounts suspended or banned for life simply because ones opinion conflicts with their political narrative.

MAGA; the #1 cause of EVIL in the United States!! Just ask Ocasio Cortez or Cory Booker!

Another look at liberal authoritarianism is simply look at both the amount and type of legislation the Democrats produce. All your legislation aimed at minimizing both economic freedom and personal freedom comes from the Democrats. Don’t believe me? I implore you to check it out for yourselves.

Authoritarian legislation produced by the Democrats has restricted all facets of human life, from an economical standpoint, Democrats are known to high taxation on both the middle and upper class of individuals, they have declared that those with wealth are greedy and evil. The early Communists known a Bolsheviks referenced any private held wealth as bourgeoisie (bo͝orZHwäˈzē) which is a derogatory French term directed towards any private held wealth whether in the hands of the middle class or upper class. If you have any questions as to why liberal Democrat tend to tax relentlessly, the answer is liberals like Communists despise private held wealth and want to appropriate such personal wealth and distribute it to whomever they desire, such is why Democrats are accused of being “tax and spenders” and if you recall when Barack Obama was running for President, he used the term: “we need to spread the wealth” meaning he wanted to seize privately owned wealth and distribute it in the name of social justice. Just as a heads up, if you don’t think eventually that liberals will want to seize private savings accounts and 401K or any method of acquiring wealth, then you are fooling yourselves.

The authoritarianism by the liberals is a clear and present danger to our freedom and liberty, for instance the Democrat liberal have introduced legislation to have more control over the airwaves aimed at conservative talk radio, basically they want to shut us down which they are doing on social media. One Democrat legislator brought forth legislation aimed at doing away with the electoral college!

A Dangerous Document! Way too much freedom. Not enough proper guidance

Last time I looked, the electoral college was in the Constitution which really, they don’t care about, not one bit. Another attack on the Constitution is the all familiar incrementally pushing of gun control legislation, I have come to the conclusion that they know they can’t win a civil war with pro-Constitutionalists, so they want to have and keep control by destroying the Second Amendment and confiscating our firearms, such would be a bloodless control aimed at those that oppose them. If this isn’t alarming, I don’t know what is. We have an enemy that is right at our front door and is knocking because they want in.

Extreme authoritarianism comes naturally to those that are on the far left being it liberalism, progressivism, Nazism, Marxism, Socialism, and of course Communism.

One has to only take a look at the history of such political ideology and one will see that millions have been murdered, The Russian Communists had their gulags where they banished millions, the Chinese Communists with their purge programs, Pol Pot’s murderous Khmer Rouge, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany where millions in Europe perished in extermination camps and so on. By the way, yes the Nazis were on the far left, hence their name, the National Socialist German Workers Party and because of their leftist ideology. Such control and the deliberate acts of violence and authoritarianism on part of the liberals can only be the result of psychosis and we are seeing the American left rapid progress to becoming more violent than ever and authoritative.

Recent polls taken by even Fox News shows that many liberals want Socialism instead of a system based on the pursuit of private wealth (capitalism) and a free market. The liberals taking control of power are pushing for up to 70% taxation especially by a Congressional representative, Alexandia Ocasio Cortez who is an avowed Socialist, New York City Marxist mayor Bill deBlasio has advocated for seizure of private property. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signed a city ordinance requiring so-called “safe storage” of firearms, with civil penalties for violations, despite a 35-year-old Washington statute that placed sole authority for gun regulation in the hands of the State Legislature. The latest debacle is 3rd term abortions which is basically the killing of a full term, viable baby which is unspeakable.

It has become more apparent that things will eventually come to a head, the civil that I have long dreaded is becoming a reality. We are facing a domestic enemy that has American faces unfortunately and many of them are psychotic. Radio conservative celebrity Michael Savage said it well in the title of his book: ”Liberalism is a mental disorder.” I advise my fellow readers to take the appropriate steps in anticipation of a possible coming conflict in guarding your wealth, private possessions and loved ones.