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Ed. Illegal aliens may have entered the United States, uh, ILLEGALLY, but their intentions are pure; these good folks wish only to work hard while they are here in order to send a few pesos back home for Mama and the little ones. If you don’t believe this, just ask any Democrat politician. And besides, just because they broke the law sneaking into the country doesn’t mean they are law breakers! Nope. Hard working, straight as a dye, God fearing and people.


This is just for “starters.”   We spent billions in the Middle East to help in a religious war in which we have no business being involved and we pay the countries in the Middle East and south of the border “get along” money which is called aid; but, you know what, nothing improves south of our border and in the Middle East – just more money to spend on “pulling those weeds” called “drugs” and shipping them across the border either by truck, car, plane, or personal body storage in all different cavities of their bodies.

The American people have to speak up to protect themselves because the Gimmecrats only think about themselves and to HELL with the taxpayers.  Folks, look how much money we could be spending in our own country repairing our infrastructure, schools, etc.

We are getting further and further behind in comparison to other countries.  The…

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