Ed.  Twenty + FBI agents, patrol boat, helicopter and CNN all on the scene BUT Roger Stone’s attorney was not permitted to be there!

And ALL politically inspired by the far left because Hillary Clinton was not supposed to lose the election!!

from the Gateway Pundit of January 31st

by Jim Hoft

Judge Napolitano joined Stuart Varney on Varney and Co. on Thursday morning to discuss the Deep State FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home last Friday.

As The Gateway Pundit was first to report — the FBI Mueller raid on Roger Stone included more armed agents than the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The Deep State had amphibious team in the water and an helicopter in the sky during the arrest.

The US is now a police state.

Napolitano added that the FBI-Mueller deep state will not even give Roger Stone a copy of the transcript where they accuse him of lying.

* FBI THUGS Forced ROGER STONE’S WIFE To Stand Outside, Barefoot in Nightgown During Home Raid

The US DOJ can never be trusted.

These are police state tactics.

Judge Napolitano: They wont give him a transcript of his alleged lies because the testimony before Congress was classified. This is really Kafkaesque that he should have to defend against something. The government has papers that contains his lies and he is not allowed to see that paper. The lawyers can see it in a secure facility. They can’t get a copy of it. No way will a federal judge allow this to be a basis for the prosecution because your friend the constitution says you’re entitled to be confronted with the evidence against you… You can’t make this up.