Ed.  When Republicans build a wall to keep criminals and welfare cheats out of the United States, it’s EVIL!  When Democrats build a wall to prevent annoying protesters creating an unwanted scene, it’s OK, because our political leaders need to feel “safe!”

from the Daily Caller of January 11th

by Joe Simonson

The Democratic National Committee embraced the idea of border protection in 2016 — as long as that border was around the building housing its national convention.

protesters outside dem convention border wall in philly
Protesters outside Democrat convention wall in Philly

Protesters against the Democratic Party’s nomination of Hillary Clinton were met with tall fencing around the perimeter of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia during July 2016. 

Many of the protesters who gathered outside of the barrier were supporters of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Some Democrats, like Brady Brassfield, told WJLA they felt “cheated” after seeing the extensive security constructed by the DNC.

“They don’t want to hear what we want to say or see what we have out here, really,” Brassfield said.

Other protesters, like Sanders supporter Kyle Fitzsimmons, said she understood the fencing.

“They need to feel safe whether I agree with them or not,” she said.