Ed.  The “Yellow Vest” protestors of France are said to be rioting against confiscatory taxes imposed by global warming bureaucrats with the blessing of French President Emmanuel Macron. But make no mistake, the despicable damage done the beloved country of the French people has done at LEAST as much to spark the fury of patriots. 

from Kevin O’Neil

A Czech couple took pictures and made comments about “Paris today”…

paris one

“We went there not so long ago, just go for the weekend. We bribed the price of tickets, unusually low, but we were not in Paris for more than 10 years. We decided to refresh impressions, again inhale the French romance. The fact that the lowest price for Air France had alerted us, but nothing like this. “

“The flight was fine, then we boarded a train that took us to the center, and it was there that we experienced the first shock: not only was the Northern station all littered with debris, there was not a white Frenchman! It shocked us to the core.”

paris two

paris three

paris four

“Furthermore, we hastily settled near the Sacré Coeur, where the situation seems to have been even worse. When we went down into the subway to get to major attractions, we suddenly found out that in the car me and my wife were the only white people. It was Friday, about two o’clock in the afternoon!”

paris five

paris six

“The Louvre, which is always full of onlookers and tourists, is now deserted, but around are armed to the teeth patrols. These people look at you with suspicion and do not remove their finger from the trigger. And this is not ordinary police, but real soldiers in full dress! As it turned out, Paris is for almost a year living in a state of emergency .. “

paris seven

paris eight

paris nine

“The streets have migrants crowds, are full of shops, whose owners are refugees. Where do so many of them come from? At the Eiffel Tower – check out all covered from head to toe Muslims. This selectivity of the French landmarks around the tower teeming with hucksters of Africa, Arab gamblers, beggars from all over the world and pickpockets.”

paris ten

paris eleven

“It was a terrifying experience. I can imagine what’s going on in Marseille and Calais where migrants already de facto set their own rules. In France, a civil war is brewing, that’s what I say. Therefore, I recommend not to go there – Farewell, beloved France! God forbid that we had something like this in the Czech Republic! “

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