Hat Tip: Suzanne Eovaldi

from navypatriot
1. EQUALITY: If we did not have the Second Amendment, our politicians would have taken away the First Amendment decades ago. The Bible says God created men, but it was Samuel Colt who made them all equal.

U.S. Senator Hirono introduces Holton Arms alumnae supporting Kavanaugh accuser Ford on Capitol Hill in Washington
Dem. Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii

2. RINO WATCH: Watch out for treacherous RINOS who want to sneak in a law that will allow tens of thousands of white collar workers from India to come to the U.S. These workers would replace highly paid American workers. Mr. & Mrs. America, you paid a lot of money and sacrificed greatly for your kids’ college education. Now back-stabbers in Congress, paid off by their cheap labor donors, want Americans to be fired in order to be replaced with cheap foreign workers. President Trump, do not let this happen. Get out your veto pen!!!

3. FOSSIL FOOL: Senator Bernie Sanders recently ranted against fossil fuels causing climate change. I wonder how the wealthy old socialist, Brooklyn-born Bernie, heats his three houses. This “friend of the little guy” (but not the friend of the taxpayer) spent $300,000 for a private plane travel in October on his nine day tour condemning global warming. Being the good socialist, I am sure Bernie spent someone else’s money renting that plane. A socialist is someone who would give you the shirt off of another guy’s back!!!

4. WHO CARES?: Do you really give a damn if a Saudi man, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is killed in Istanbul by agents of the Saudi government? To hear liberals and RINOS whine about Kashoggi’s murder, you would think that Mohandas Ghandi was their victim. Saudi Arabia is not a good country, nor is it run by civilized people. However, the free world needs their oil and their military power, and as an enemy of Iran, they are a necessary ally. In other words, the old adage ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ applies.

5. SEN. MAZIE HIRONO (D-HI) said that the reason Democrats have difficulty is that Democrats are much smarter than the voters, and they know so much more. She could be a Trump re-election campaign video. It is that condescending attitude that got Donald J. Trump elected in the first place!!!

6. DROP ANCHOR!: A pregnant Honduran woman traveled 2,000 miles to the U.S. – Mexico border, then illegally entered the U.S. Of course, she immediately gave birth to an anchor baby, opening the door to herself and her child obtaining the mother lode of welfare benefits; paid for by working Americans. Once getting the keys to the social services gold mine, I doubt if the mother and child will ever work. But, sure as Shinola, taxpaying Americans will have to work hard to supply them with their welfare benefits!!!BERNIE SANDERS AND DEMOCRATS AND FREE STUFF AND LIBERALS

7. MORON OF THE MONTH: A. Omaha Manchester School principal, Jennifer Sinclair, banned candy canes at Christmas. Why, you say? Because the fool said that the J shaped candy might make students think of Jesus Christ. It may also make them think of a ‘jackass.’ Enter Christians’ defender, Liberty Counsel. They forced Sinclair to rescind her idiotic policy, writing “The [Sinclair] memo was not based on ignorance of the law, but hatred of Christianity and Christians.” BRAVO!!!

B. NBA star LeBron James says that the NFL owners are “old white men with a slave mentality.” They may be old white men, but they are providing employment for hundreds of black men who make million$ per year. Memo to LeBron: Slaves don’t get paid! You are not likely to run into LeBron at a Mensa meeting.

8. NAP SLAP FLAP: What has happened to FOX News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano? He went from being a common sense legal analyst into a Trump hating buffoon. He has no credibility now! I doubt if the man actually believes his own B.S. Judge Nap was much smarter when he had gray hair.

9. QUESTION: If Hillary Clinton used to charge $250,000 per speech, how come nobody comes to hear her now……… when it’s free?

10. THE COOKIE CRUMBLES: The Parliament of Scotland caved and renamed the Gingerbread Man the ‘Gingerbread Person.’ The country that gave us tough men like William Wallace (Braveheart) and Robert The Bruce, has now gone full P.C. insane. These Edinburgh eunuchs are so pathetic!!! The former Gingerbread Man has more balls than these politicians do!

11. AMERICA is the only country where people check their food stamp balance on their $900 smart phones, then claim they are oppressed.

The French Middle Class have had enough…of taxes, of liberalism and of treasonous leaders as the Yellow Vests riot across the country

12. PARIS IS BURNING: Due to the Paris Climate Accord (that Trump got the U.S. out of) the price of gasoline in France soared to $7.06 per gallon. French citizens began to riot, and continue to protest for weeks. It’s one thing to spout global warming slogans when it’s not costing you any money. But, it’s quite another when you wake up and realize you are being ripped off by your own government because of the climate change scam. Then you know it’s time to fight back.

13. BACK STABBERS: When it came down to funding the border wall, Democrats and RINOS chose to vote against America and the American people. They voted the way their cheap labor donors told them to vote. Let them know that their betrayal of the American people will be costly. Most of the heroin and opioids that are killing our citizens come across the Mexican border. Despite this, Schumer, Pelosi, and RINOS showed they are in favor of this Third World invasion, and choose to sell out the American people.

Diseases that were eradicated in America many decades ago are reappearing due to infected Third World people illegally entering the country. Now there is a polio-like disease that is paralyzing children. It is already in 22 states, yet our traitors in Washington defy the will of the American citizens, support illegals over Americans, and refuse to control our border.

Wolf Blitzer. The CNN says it all

14. IT’S MILLER TIME!: Did you see White House adviser Steve Miller verbally destroy CNN fraud Wolf Blitzer? Wolf is not a journalist; he is a Democratic Party operative masquerading as a journalist. Wolf and Miller were discussing border security. Blitzer had his Democrat talking points ready, and he kept repeating that the Democrats were for “border security.” So Miller challenged him and said “Could you identify Wolf, for me, some of the kinds of border security that Democrats say they would support? They are for sanctuary cities, they voted against Kate’s Law, they are against deporting MS-13 gang members and violent criminals, and they are against the border wall.” Blitzer could not answer, so he said “Let’s move onto a different subject.” Wolf got beaten like a thieving step-child!

15. The federal government shut down. So what? It has happened twenty times before. FUHGGEDDABBOUDDITT!!!

16. CATHOLICS NEED NOT APPLY was the sign in NYC store windows 150 years ago. Democrats today have the same mentality. Brian Buescher of Nebraska was nominated for federal judge. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization whose main principle is charity. The Knights gave out $200 million dollars to charitable causes last year. Democrat Senators, Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris, demanded that Buescher resign from the K of C because it is an “all male society” that holds “extreme positions” on social questions (i.e. pro-life).

I would like to remind Hirono and Harris that Article VI of the Constitution prohibits religious tests for public office. The Knights of Columbus was founded as a result of anti-Catholic bigotry. This Catholic hating mentality lives on in today’s Democratic Party.

17. The lamestream media spent the eight years of Obama’s administration turning a blind eye to the Obamas’ extravagant vacations. But, every time President Trump takes a working vacation to Bedminster, NJ or Mar A Lago, FL, the press gets into high dudgeon and belittles him. Now the media is frustrated, because they were ready to pounce on Trump for going to Florida for Christmas. However, the President and Mrs. Trump will be staying at the White House during the government shutdown, and the Trump-hating press is apoplectic.

18. You can learn a lot from the mysterious reporter called “Sundance” who writes in The Conservative Treehouse. Sundance praised President Trump for withdrawing American G.I.’s from Syria, and reported that our soldiers will be replaced by Saudi troops to block any further ISIS gains. The Saudi army will also protect our Kurdish allies from attack by Turkish forces. Time will tell if Sundance is correct on this one.

19. Do you know why all the politicians in Washington, D.C. left town for Christmas? It’s because they couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin in the entire town.

20 GATEWAY PUNDIT reports that 65 countries have border walls for their protection. Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco mansion also has a wall protecting her back yard.