from the Geller Report of December 30th

The Israelis are going to the polls on April 9, 2019. Israel’s greatest-ever Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is in the fight of his life. Netanyahu is embroiled in a number of ridiculous lawsuits that are threatening to take him down. The Israeli left (and the U.S Jewish left) despise Netanyahu, the way the American left despises President Trump. Like the American left, the Israeli left will stop at nothing to gain political power.TRUMP AND NETANYAHU

It is not an accident that Israel, under Prime Minister Netanyahu, is experiencing incredible levels of success and prosperity. During Netanyahu’s four terms as Prime Minister (and a stint as finance minister), Israel abandoned socialism, high regulation, and high taxes in favor of capitalism, entrepreneurship, and free markets.

Unlike previous Israeli Prime Ministers, Netanyahu understood that it is not good enough to just have a strong military. Israel also requires a strong and innovative economy, that it could use to battle against anti-Semitic organizations such as the BDS movement. As a result, Israel is now an economic, technological and diplomatic power that commands respect even from Israel’s enemies. Netanyahu has brilliantly leveraged Israeli technology to establish diplomatic ties with countries few would have ever thought possible. Contrast that with Netanyahu’s predecessors, who presided over a weak and poor Jewish state, which was highly dependent on economic aid from the United States and from the U.S Jewish community.

The Israelis will need to make a choice. The first choice is to embrace prosperity and security by rightfully reelecting Prime Minister Netanyahu. The second choice is to put the Israeli left in power, which will no doubt have an agenda that consists of giving the “Palestinian” terrorists in Ramallah a state and appeasing the anti-Zionist Jews in the United States. God help the Israelis should they chose the latter.