Ed.  This article tells you all you need to know about Democrat Wunderkind Beto O’Rourke. He treats questions with typical Democrat simplicity, by either lying or refusing to answer. 

But an adoring media, good looks, a flock of left-wing donors and countless fraudulent votes nearly upset Texas Republican Ted Cruz this year.

Will these advantages be enough to put O’Rourke in the White House in 2020? 

from the American Thinker of December 7th

by Ron Kolb

Although he said both before and after losing the Senate race in Texas to Ted Cruz that he had no plan to run for office in 2020, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke recently left the door wide open. And now he has met with Obama at his home in Washington. In that context, I sent a list of questions to his press spokeswoman, but never received an answer.BETO OROURKE

The first question dealt with whether O’Rourke has any Hispanic heritage, or whether, as he is in truth, fourth-generation Irish. As a child living in El Paso, O’Rourke was given the nickname “Beto,” which is a common Hispanic moniker for Roberto, in order to delineate between him and his maternal grandfather, Robert Williams. When O’Rourke attended Columbia in New York he used “Rob,” but his father, then El Paso County Judge Pat O’Rourke, suggested that he once again use “Beto” to increase his chance of winning political office in the heavily Hispanic city of El Paso, which Robert readily agreed to do.

He graduated from Columbia in 1995, and later that month was arrested for burglary at UTEP (the University of Texas El Paso) along with two others. He has previously explained it as a prank from his college years. I asked his spokeswoman if it was true he had already graduated from Columbia and never attended UTEP; what the purpose of the burglary was; what his relationship with Jose Prieto, Jr. and Jacob Barowsky whom he was arrested with was, and where they were located today. I received no response.

Concerning O’Rourke’s 1998 DWI, I asked his spokeswoman why he never admitted the incident also involved a hit and run until the press obtained the arrest reports last August. O’Rourke now claims it was not a hit and run, but I asked the spokeswoman if the arresting officer and a witness who reportedly chased him were lying after O’Rourke, going at an excessive rate of speed, struck a truck on I-10 west of El Paso and ended up on the other side of the Interstate, and then fled. Again no response.BETO O'ROURKE

O’Rourke also now claims that he recently contacted a passenger who was with him that night who verified he did not leave the scene, but has not said who she is. I received no response. I also asked why none of the reports during O’Rourke’s arrest and processing mentioned another passenger, but did mention another passenger with the witness who pursued and stopped him. Again, no response. And I asked why O’Rourke told the police he had only two beers, when his high intoxication level showed he had consumed at least six.

About his campaign, I asked why he had claimed that the record of more than 70 million dollars raised had mostly come from Texas, when in reality less than a third did, while a staggering 75 percent came from ActBlue, the leftist fundraising group. I asked why O’Rourke promised not to run a negative campaign, but he eventually ran some highly inflammatory and personal attacks ads against Ted Cruz.

Concerning President Trump, on a number of occasions, O’Rourke has said he supports impeachment. I asked if he still supports impeachment and based on what evidence. I also asked the spokeswoman whether, if elected, his previous positions would taint any potential impeachment vote. Current rumors are he might run against Senator John Cornyn and Trump in 2020, which in Texas would be legal. Still no response.

I noted that it’s a matter of record that he has heavily used marijuana and alcohol and asked if he still does. I also noted that O’Rourke profusely sweats even under perfect conditions, while at the same time others do not, and if he would be willing to take a complete physical exam. No response.

Beto doing a “little” sweating

And now after saying he may still run for office, as well as meeting personally with Obama, I asked if he has any intention to be on the national ticket in 2020, but still got no response.

A few days later, I sent a follow-up email to the spokeswoman noting I had received no response and intended to write an article regardless. So I added one more question. O’Rourke used the f-word live on national television in his concession speech, and used it as well at several other points in his campaign. Does O’Rourke think it is appropriate as a leader to behave in such a fashion? Still no response.

His language, along with his use of skateboards to enter campaign rallies, shows a basic immaturity and lack of seriousness to hold high public office. Considering O’Rourke’s misleading claims about his heritage and serious issues concerning his controversial past, as well as his obvious desire to hold political office, these kinds of questions would normally be asked of a potential candidate.

But so far, his supporters among the mainstream press have failed to do so. And after their recent fawning coverage and the record millions raised for his campaign, O’Rourke still failed to win. Time will tell if the public will learn who the real Robert Francis O’Rourke is.