by Kevin Collins

If you still voluntarily watch Fox News over One America News, does what Chadsworth Osborn Jr. said about President Trump change anything?

Carlson has shown that he believes HE is the smartest guy in the room and thinks he proves it with his snarky disingenuous attacks on President Trump.TUCKER CARLSON

By saying Trump doesn’t know how the legislative process works Carlson is saying (HE, Carlson) does understand all about how things work in Washington.

He mouths the same, tired, breast beating claims that Trump is a failure unless all of what he promised is a reality even in the face of hundreds of verbal and written lies spoken about him day after day.

This tells us Carlson is a phony.

Carlson is a treacherous snake who is still wetting his pants over Antifa’s demands that he shut up and be a good boy.

He is sucking up to the left in hopes they will not break down his door.

His true message is “Oh by the way, buy my great new book,” which rubs salt in the wound of betrayal he has inflected upon the trusting people who watch his show night after night.

Now that we know how Chatsworth Osborn Jr. really feels about President Trump and us, we have to conclude he is no different from the thugs who kneel during our national anthem yet still expect us to buy tickets to see them do it.