Ed.  Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy attempted to transform a Marine protecting his family into an attempted murderer! This is the same prosecutor who knowingly kept an innocent man in prison FOR YEARS as a display of prosecutorial power!  

from Gateway Pundit on November 28th

by Brock Simmons

This past January, The Gateway Pundit covered the story of Joey Nelson, the active duty Marine who was arrested and jailed in Westland, MI, after shooting at an armed subject attempting to break into his home.

Kym Worthy
Kym Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor

There were several inconsistencies in the case brought forth by the Wayne County prosecutor, Kym Worthy. The case featured accusations of drunken detectives on the scene, failures by police to mention anything about the busted up door jamb of Nelson’s home, contradictory statements made by armed invader and another witness, jail guards who refused to let Nelson speak with his attorney, and other shenanigans.

Michael Scott Wilson; thanks to a liberal prosecutor, this criminal became the “victim”

Michael Scott Wilson was the one trying to break into Nelson’s home with a pistol in hand. Wilson eventually copped plea deals for immunity, while Nelson faced expulsion from the Marine corps. Wilson ended up with probation and plead guilty to “carrying concealed with no license.” Meanwhile, Nelson was charged with multiple felonies, including “assault with intent to murder”, “assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder or by strangulation”, “assault with a dangerous weapon”, and three counts of committing a felony with a firearm.
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After several delays, Joey Nelson’s trial finally got underway last week, and was wrapped up today. The nightmare is now over. The verdict returned was NOT GUILTY on all charges. Nelson and his family can finally get on with their lives.

Nelson’s father, Steve, has been very active posting about the case on facebook, and he delivered the good news as well as thank you to all those who helped out, especially those who donated to the Go Fund Me account.

Steve Nelson
on Wednesday

Thank you to everyone that has supported us, either through a kind word, prayer , donated bought a tee shirt, called, texted, or Facebooked .
I’m overwhelmed at the total & broad support.
Our family could not have gotten through this without you.
Thanks again everyone
The drinking lamp is lit.

REMEMBER, that Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy prosecuted Joey Nelson the Marine and resident of the home. She refused to prosecute Michael Scott Wilson…the criminal who became the victim. 

Here’s what happened:

In Westland, Michigan, active duty Marine Joey Nelson,28, was at home with his fiancee, his 3 week old baby, and two friends, when a man began pounding violently on the door. As the man opened fire into the house, the Marine was shot in the hip, but returned fire. He is charged with Assault with Intent to Murder, while the attacker was only charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Westland police say the man outside was 39-year-old Michael Wilson of Detroit.

“I don’t know (who he is); my son doesn’t know him; the owner of the home doesn’t know him,” says Steve.

Cracking the door frame, the family says Joey grabbed his gun and yelled for Wilson to leave.

“He opened up the door because he was standing here in the yard,” Steve says. “(Joey) told him to get off his property and at that time (Wilson) produced a gun and started shooting at my son.”

Joey’s family says the young Marine was shot in the hip before calling 911 and telling everyone to get downstairs. Joey fired back at Wilson, who they say took off as police arrived.