by prepper365

Imagine if you will, deep in the small South American Country of Honduras, thousands of people simultaneously gather with one purpose in mind, walking to the US. Thousands of people, all at once decide to follow the yellow brick road to a better life in a country they hate. They hate the US; they call it’s President the anti-Christ, they burn its flag while proudly waving theirs, yet somehow they are all willing to risk their lives walking about 1300 miles to get there. Yes, all this with no organizers, no funding, no supplies, no help from outside groups what so ever. Horse feathers! Maybe they’re all just friends on Facebook, or following some #walktotheUS trending on Twitter?

“Migrants” flee from tear gas at San Diego/Tijuana border after throwing rocks at Border Patrol. VIDEO HERE

You know, they say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but indeed it has as a 2nd ‘caravan’ has formed in the exact same place for the exact same reason – USA or bust! But wait, there’s more! Now we have reports of a 3rd ‘caravan’ forming and heading our way! Aren’t we lucky!

Peaceful refugees fleeing violence in their own country, hardly. Make no mistake, the policies of our Government have created this invasion. The ridiculous catch and release policies, allowing illegal aliens in our public schools, sanctuary cities and our overly generous welfare system are a magnet to these invaders.

‘Migrants’ attacking the Mexican border – wait, they have a wall? Wow, I guess that means Mexico must be run by a bunch of racists, who knew!

Do these violent attackers look like someone you would want living in your neighborhood? Where are all the needy women and children the media are telling us about; I’m sorry, but they all look to be military age men. Oh, and just how are they traveling 60-70 miles a day on foot? Answer, they’re not – they are getting help and someone is paying for this.

Don’t be fooled, these are not refugees fleeing their war torn homeland in desperate need of our help. Would actual refugees be carrying the flag of the country they are supposedly fleeing, would they be burning American flags? No, these are invaders and should be treated as such. Ask yourself this, why would the media and left wing politicians demand we let these people in to our Country? It’s OK, you know the answer.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.