from Gateway Pundit on November 26th

by Jim Hoft

Rodney Scott, the Chief Patrol Agent San Diego Sector, Border Patrol, joined CNN’s New Day on Monday to discuss the illegal migrant violent uprising yesterday at the Tijuana crossing.

Hundreds of illegal caravan migrants stormed the border and hurled rocks and debris at border patrol agents.

Clash at border. VIDEO HERE

Chief Patrol Agent Scott told New Day his sector had to bring in several hundred border patrol agents from around the country to help with the current crisis.

“Patrol Agent Scott: What I find unconscionable was that people would purposely take children into this situation. What we saw over and over yesterday was that people would purposely push women and children to the front and then begin basically rocking our agents.

New Day


“If they were truly asylum seekers, they would have just walked up and surrendered and that did not take place,” says the Chief Patrol Agent, San Diego Sector Border Control, defending the decision to use tear gas.
7:37 AM – Nov 26, 2018