By Kevin Collins

We have much to be thankful for today.

We have to be thankful God blessed us with President Donald J. Trump; a man who does not back down from fighting for us.

We have to be thankful that the only person in our entire country who could save America stepped forward to lead us through the attacks from those who want to destroy us and our nation.THANKSGIVING

We have to be thankful we have all the tools necessary to fix the problems we face.

We have to be thankful the threat of nuclear war is now just a concern and not the real possibility it was before President Trump, a real man who loves America, got directly involved in making peace with North Korea.

We have to be thankful that we have the greatest military in the world to back up all that President Trump says across a negotiating table.

We have to be thankful that we have the greatest first responders in the world; men and women who are trained and equipped for any emergency.

We must be thankful for all of these great people

Even if the media and the Democrats won’t admit it, we have to be thankful that the reason people are risking their lives to sneak into our country is because we are recognized as the world’s great beacon of freedom and opportunity.

We have to be thankful that Americans of all races are beginning to see that the America President Trump is building is the best path to permanent economic and religious freedom.

We have to be thankful that across the social spectrum people of all backgrounds and races are joining us on our road to a greater and greater America.

We have to be thankful for a president who stands up for our religious freedom and a return of personal choice of religious practice.

We have to be thankful we live in an era of tests. Our faithfulness to God and His churches is being tested.

Our American courage and our right to call ourselves Americans is being tested every day in our public life; yet we are proving we deserve to be Americans. For this we are thankful.

We have to be thankful we are passing the test the secular world is putting us to and we are proving ourselves worthy stewards of this great nation.

I believe we should be thankful for the separation of those who want to ride in our national wagon as an entitlement and those of us who understand we must pull the wagon to make it the engine of democracy.

We can be thankful we are on the right side and our enemies are on the wrong side.

With our thankful hearts full of love we will overcome the hate we face.

We will win out in the end and for this we must be thankful to God now and in the coming days and years as we fight to save America.

There is no country like America and for this we must be grateful and thankful to our Almighty Creator.