by Bare Naked Islam, November 18th

This report mentions anger over high fuel prices and Macron’s economic policies which include an increase in taxes and cut in public sector workers, but fails to talk about the economic policies that are forcing taxpayers to fund the ongoing Muslim invasion of France.

The Local Anger erupted against French President Emmanuel Macron’s nationwide reforms with tear gas being unleashed on protestors in angry scenes on the streets of Paris and Nantes.

A demonstrator in Paris holds a placard reading “Cry out, too many taxes, too many suicides, too many homeless, wake up”

Nearly 283,000 people were estimated to have taken part in more than 2,000 protests at roundabouts and on major highways and thoroughfares across the country on Saturday, the Interior Ministry said.

Some 227 people were injured — seven seriously, including a police officer — and 117 detained, with 73 then taken into police custody. A 63-year-old woman was killed when a mother trying to take her daughter to see a doctor panicked after protesters surrounded their car, and suddenly accelerated into the crowd.

A demonstrator in Paris holds a placard reading “Cry out, too many taxes, too many suicides, too many homeless, wake up”

Riot police blocked their path, but several hundreds managed to get around them using side streets and get close to the Elysee Palace in the afternoon before being driven back by tear gas. The protesters say they are being squeezed by years of fuel tax increases that have driven prices to levels not seen since the early 2000s.FRENCH VS MACRON AND MUSLIMS 3

Services ground to a halt across the country yesterday. Teachers, train conductors and airline controllers walked off the job across France on Thursday, disrupting transport and public services in a test of public anger with President Emmanuel Macron’s reform drive, which includes cutting the number of public sector workers and introducing merit-based pay.

French tourism is way down thanks to the thousands of illegal alien Muslim squatters camping out in the streets of Paris, not to mention the surge in violence, crime, and rape they have inflicted on French citizens. Some 90% of the legal Muslim migrants in France are unemployed or unemployable and content to collect state welfare for life.

The popularity of French President Emmanuel Macron has dropped to just 25 percent, according to a poll by research group Ifop published on Sunday in the Journal du Dimanche.