From Restore American Glory on November 11th

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, House Democrats are gearing up to make gun control a major part of their legislative platform now that they control the majority. The 2018 midterms marks the first time in history that anti-gun groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and Gabrielle Giffords’ PAC spent more on influencing elections than the NRA – approximately twice as much, in fact. That money apparently had an impact; Tuesday’s elections saw many gun grabbers take seats in the House and in state legislatures around the country.

Dem. Rep. and gun-grabber Mike Thompson

Rep. Mike Thompson, a California Democrat in charge of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, said that his party would not be shy about pursuing gun control legislation.

“This new majority is not going to be afraid of our shadow,” Thompson said. “We know that we’ve been elected to do a job, and we’re going to do it.”

Of course, the Democrats will be facing several significant obstacles as they pursue bills on universal background checks, bans on bump stocks, and other anti-gun measures. For one, there are more than a handful of red-state Democrats in the House who will not be so quick to follow the party down a path against the Second Amendment, which their constituencies take very seriously. For another, they do not have majority power in the Senate, which is going to make it very difficult to actually get anything to the president’s desk, even if it passes in the House. Finally, there is President Trump himself, who has made his stance on gun freedoms exceedingly clear.

Even if some form of legislation were to miraculously make it past these hurdles, we have a conservative majority on the Supreme Court – justices who believe that the Constitution actually says what it means. Our guess is that Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will take a dim view of any legislation that attempts to bypass the clear language in the Second Amendment.

But that’s not to say that it doesn’t matter. It does. The more the Democrats get out ahead of the gun control issue, the more it forces Republicans to come up with good answers to their demands. And all too often, they do not have adequate answers at hand. This is as much a battle for the hearts and minds of the voters as it is for this legislation or that legislation.

Republicans who care about the right to bear arms need to outfit themselves with the facts, and have ready logical, sensible arguments that can penetrate the “BAN GUNS” hysteria on the left. You can’t just shrug and say, mumble, mumble, second amendment, mumble mumble. You have to be ready. You have to be proactive. You have to be smart.

Our freedom depends on it.