From Sutter Media on November 11th

by Jack Sutter

Post-midterms might not feel like a celebratory time, and I’m hoping to have time later tonight for a deep dive into the “why” of it all as + my view of the game plan moving forward, but for the moment I want to highlight just one fact: Democrats say Trump is “literally Hitler”, they say he’s a racist and a sexist, they say he’s a homophobe, and they insisted the defining characteristic of the 2018 was going to be a big blue wave. We’re evil and they’re not, therefore, blue wave. But… TRUMP 1

Where’s the wave? We won the Senate, and though we failed to hold the House we didn’t lose it by all that much. Every now and then Democrats and fake news pundits have claimed the GOP should have had smooth sailing between 2016 and 2018 because they had a technical majority in both House and Senate. Now the Democrats are going to find out just what that kind of a razor thin majority actually means in practice. When their voter base discovers they have less than half the power a true, decisive majority would give them, and just how amazing it was for the GOP to accomplish all that they did with virtually the same handicap in the Senate for the last two years, they will turn on the DNC. As more people discover Republicans aren’t as evil as their favorite news pundits and Democrat rep’s regularly claim, more of those will be voting GOP.

The notorious #WalkAway movement being spearheaded by Brandon Straka will continue to grow as we move towards 2020. Blexit, being blasted, promoted, and led by Candace Owens and Turning Point USA will continue to grow. Democrat support among all demographics across the country will continue to erode as DNC politicians continue making big, empty promises they have no hope of keeping. Promises they have no business making since they know they can’t make good on any of them (e.g. medicare for all, free college for everyone, open borders, artificially inflated minimum wages, etc.). I bring all of this up for one reason: none of this was supposed to happen. According to Democrats we, the America 1st coalition, are the 4th Reich.WALK AWAY AND DEMOCRAT PARTY AND LIBERALS

Thing is, if that’s true how were we able to not only hold the Senate but actually make gains there? How could such a sinister voting block, if we are what they say we are, have that much support across the spectrum? Why do so many millions of freedom loving, individualistic Americans of all races, religions, genders, and backgrounds support our movement or our policies? The answer is simple: we’re not the kind of scum they claim we are. You go ahead and check through the content here on my own website, take a look and see how much advocacy for fascism you find here. Tell me how many articles here are racist, tell me how many specifically are sexist. If you actually look, you’re going to find none of that. Because Democrats are liars. I’m walking, talking proof of it. So is Donald Trump himself as far as that goes. We’re just Americans.

That doesn’t reflect exclusively on us either; obviously it means we’re not as bad as we’re made out to be by the anti-American, anti-Trump political opposition we’re facing but it also (more importantly) means the Democrats, knowing most of us are just average working class Americans, have been all to happy to smear any citizen daring enough to support Republicans, calling us neo-nazi’s, racists, bigots, xenophobes, misogynists… the list is endless.

Those who voted Democrat in 2018 should understand, that’s the kind of people you voted for. People who are all to willing to demonize and dehumanize anyone who stands in their way, and who are guilty of virtually everything they habitually accuse their opponents of. When they accuse Trump of colluding with Russia that’s because Clinton colluded with Russia. He didn’t actually do it, so where did they get the inspiration for accusing him? Just dream it up from scratch? No, they took what she was up to and tried to attach the stink of such corrupt conduct to him, preemptively, before it came out that she was actually the one doing it.

Yet this Party platform generated no Blue Wave? Seems IMPOSSIBLE, doesn’t it!

When they accuse a GOP candidate for Senate of racism, it’s not because the Republican is actually a racist, it’s because the Democrats want the general public asking themselves “is this guy/gal on the right a racist” about members of the GOP, because if that question weren’t raised and if it hadn’t been arbitrarily attached to a Republican you might start asking yourself the same question all on your own, but you’d be more likely to ask it about Democrats.

Every accusation they’ve thrown at Republicans for the last 3 or 4 years fails to stick to the Republicans now that many of them have learned to speak up for themselves, to fight when their back’s against the wall, to appeal to reason and evidence and demonstrate to their constituents that the Democrats are flat out liars. And every accusation of this kind applies far more to any given Democrat than it does to members of the GOP. You hear the socialist upstarts making a bit of noise about corruption on the left; that’s because they view the old gaurd corporatist Democrats as corrupt. What they don’t tell you is that they feel the corruption of those they oppose justifies corruption in their own ranks as soon as they take power.

Or, as they case may be with Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum, they feel they’re so special, such heroes fighting for what’s right, that they begin to operate in massively corrupt ways before they ever even win anything. Gillum was (and is) being investigated by the FBI for corruption, taking bribes basically, and little Beto’s staffers “appropriated” campaign funds for the illegal immigrant caravan heading toward our southern border. And another thing they don’t tell you that if they push out the push out establishment figures like Feinstein or Pelosi, they will be much worse and the corruption will blossom far more quickly. One reason being the rationalizations they’ll make, which I’ve already mentioned, but another is that they believe their case is noble. In their minds, socisalists always end up gravitating towards an “ends justifies the means” mentality. It’s why you see Antifa mobs out on the streets destroying property and beating the shit out of people they don’t like. It’s why you see Black Lives Matter and other anti-police groups smearing cops and undermining law enforcement across the nation. It’s why you see groups like the “Women’s March” and “Me Too” going on politically motivated witch hunts.

Andrew Gillum conceded the Florida Governor’s election to Republican Ron DeSantis on Tuesday night. But that was before Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes began throwing away real ballots and creating new ones; over 70,000 new ones! Her goal was a recount which, thanks to the assistance of fellow Democrat election fraud expert in Palm Beach County, Susan Bucher, Gillum will undoubtedly win. In short, the FIX IS IN!!

History bears it out; if socialists get a hold of power in any real sense, the corruption spreads far and wide, and it happens fast. A bit like what happened under the Obama administration for the eight years he was in power, but far more extreme. The kind of scandals we saw with ‘Fast & Furious’, with the IRS targeting conservative groups and organizations, with the attack on Benghazi, with the weaponization of the FBI during our elections… those are nothing compared to what we would have seen if socialist upstarts had gained much ground this year.

Thankfully they didn’t but all that means is the old guard, the corporatist sellouts, are still running the Democrat party. Everything we’ve seen from them over the past two years will continue to play out, they will remain as corrupt as they’ve been for the last decade or two, they will continue spouting ever more extreme rhetoric and pursuing increasingly radical policies, but at least it won’t be as drastic as what the socialists would’ve been up to over the next two years had they gained any real ground. And what it means for Republicans: we’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot of ground we need to gain in the next 2 years. Starting right fucking now, or we lose in 2020. Trump will probably still win imho, regardless of what happens with Congress, but in addition to the unprecedented obstruction we’ve had to deal with since the 45th President was elected, we’ve just had half or more of our agenda stalled out for a minimum of 24 months.

Democrats haven’t won much of anything, really, but they’ve proven they’re still a threat and can apparently muster support no matter how deranged they become. We can’t bank on support for them ebbing substantially enough among their voter base to beat them decisively enough, because clearly those who voted Democrat in 2016 and 2018 don’t mind the corruption, election tampering, or borderline illegal ‘search and destroy’ tactics. We have to expand our base, and while some will continue to come our way as a consequence of the DNC’s erosion we simply can’t rely on that for real victories. We didn’t hold back in 2018, we gave it everything we had.

We still lost the House.

That’s not the end of the world either, obviously, but if we don’t address why that happened it’s not going to go well for us as we move forward. We need a better foothold in suburban areas, we need to do better at making our case to the voters Democrats have only ever viewed as ethnic voting blocs, we need to shatter the identity politics surrounding all of that and make the realities of Democrats’ divisive tactics indisputably clear to the the American public. I’m glad we kept the Senate this year but in 2020, I want to hold it again, I want to get Trump re-elected, and I want to retake the House. Anything short of that means they’ll keep acting like 2016 and 2018 were flukes, they’ll keep blaming Russians or whatever else when things don’t go their way, and they’ll keep demonizing, dehumanizing, and lynching Americans guilty of “wrong think”.