Hat Tip:  navypatriot and Suzanne Eovaldi

If the Democrats are successful in regaining control of the government in the next two years, beginning with the midterm elections, then we will see the following:

1. The evisceration of the First Amendment. Social media censorship will spread to every avenue of communication.N o dissenting opinions will be allowed.
2. It will eventually be a crime, punishable by death, to own a firearm.
3. Conservatives, in particular, conservative Christians, along with other political undesirables will be marginalized and sent to death camps that have already been constructed (see FM-39.4).
4. All private property ownership will be eliminated. See Obama’s EO 13603.
5. The state as manifested by the schools and CPS will determine how our children are reared. Parents will lose all executive authority over their children as they will belong to the State.
6. Homeschooling will be eliminated. America will continue to embrace the American version of the Hitler Youth Movement.
7. Christian churches will be zoned out of existence.
8. It will become a crime to be a witness for Jesus Christ just as California outlawed the conversion of people from a homosexual lifestyle.
9. As we have begun to see in California, Christian literature will be banned.
10. One will need a license to obtain access to the internet and that privilege will be revoked if one espouses Christian values or any dissenting opinions. The social credit system created by Google for Communist China will be employed here with a vengeance.
11. Sharia Law will supersede any US Constitutional precepts.
12. In the ensuing resistance to the establishment of totalitarianism by the Democrats, the UN peacekeepers will be called in to stamp out any resistance. Russia and China will likely be the vanguard of the occupying UN forces.
13. Your children will not be safe from the child-sex-traffickers that dominate the leadership of the Democratic Party (see Liz Crokin interview which can be accessed through I-tunes, Google Play or Spotifiy).
14. Post-birth abortions (ie murder) will become legal.Children with handicaps will be killed under this new brand of Fabian Socialism.
15. Every word you speak, type and read will be monitored by artificial intelligence and judged for its appropriateness.
16. America will soon find out the meaning of Steve Quayle’s Red List and Blue List.
17. Bill Ayers, the mentor of former President Obama, will prove to be a profit as he predicted that when these communists take over, they will arrest 50 million Americans and kill over half of them in the greatest purge in world history.
18. All private business will be made public
19. For purposes of controlling the population, all food production will be controlled by DHS and FEMA and their public-private participating corporations.
20. Energy use will be dramatically curtailed.
21. After one more Presidential term run by Democrats, California state government policies, by comparison, will seem like the good old days.
22. After the take over and establishment of the new global authority, due process will be a thing of the past.
23. A complete neo-feudal society will be established as travel away from your home area will require a permit and it will be very expensive.
24. All political opposition to the ruling authority will be eliminated and met with extreme prejudice.
25. The United States will eventually be broken up into 10 UN approved regions and the Southwest will be called Aztlan and some of us will forcibly be moving.
These are just the highlights