by Suzanne Eovaldi

The new Ugly American is CNN’s Jim Acosta whom President Donald J. Trump called a “very rude person” at the recent WH news conference seen nationwide and more importantly, internationally. “The way you treat Sarah Huckabee Sanders is horrible…you shouldn’t treat people that way,” our President said in the quiet fatherly tone and rhetoric which the CNN person must never have heard.

Just think of the damage Acosta and his other liberal press writers are doing to our country and to the administration of our wildly popular duly elected leader and his attempts to implement the will of the American people who are sick and tired of government as usual antics. President Trump is said to have a white board in the office titled Promises Made/Promises Kept and each morning his staff sees him check this board. He sincerely and diligently takes upon himself the task of doing what he told the public he would do when he campaigned for office. Consider how much more he could have done for us without the cruelty and leftist bias of our no longer impartial media.

President Trump and Jim Acosta

“The media have approached the Trump presidency with unrelenting hostility,” said Media Research Center’s Director of research, Rich Noyes. The very liberal bent of today’s media is seen to be aggressively hostile toward President Trump. The MRC’s extensive 48 page PDF file is a frightening analysis of our Fourth Estate becoming America’s Fifth Column. Doing irreparable harm to the President and his administration, our leftist “journalists” not only cast a false, unfair, very negative coloration of our country across the globe, they set us up as a rife hunting ground for foreign aggressors. Just look south of our border to the thousands marching toward us to “knock on Trump’s door” as one caravanning female so disrespectfully said. This attitude comes directly, IMHO, from the image our thoroughly biased press types create every day. “America Bad, Trump Bad,” has become an extremely dangerous meme. “By wide margin, the Public see media as tilting left,” says a MRC research file.

I watched the AOL tape of the shocking press conference on the day after our midterm election and found it to exemplify how coverage misrepresents what really happens, how coverage presents events by omission, how omitting of crucial facts slant coverage to give viewers and voters false, fake news. “As President Trump points to CNN’s Jim Acosta, a WH aide takes. . .” Wrong, tries to take “the mic away from him. Close observation shows how Acosta would not let her have the mic, how he puts his hand on her arm, how he pushes her hand, arm away several times. (these details are being “washed” even as I checked online after writing this piece) She had to squat down in order to avoid blocking out the President! Also, some commenters noticed how the Secret Service stood up and moved in closer.