Please urge US District Judge to make public safety the priority over political correctness.  

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a news release titled:

CAIR Files Broad Challenge to Watchlisting System, Including TSA’s Quiet Skies Program.

CAIR’s press release on the filing of this lawsuit states: “Quiet Skies punishes those who—through family, community or the workplace—have relationships with individuals the federal government has designated as a ‘known or suspected terrorist.’”

Many people who apply for special agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation are denied that opportunity because of their “family, community or workplace relationships.” This FBI procedure results in providing the best possible public safety for all Americans. Should this FBI procedure be invalidated because of alleged discrimination? Since evaluating these FBI applicant “relationships” results in improved public safety and public trust how much more so does evaluating air travelers’ “relationships” protect the lives of hundreds of innocent people who travel on one aircraft and increase public confidence of millions of people in air travel?

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who brought this legal challenge, has a very long list of projects and lawsuits that have vigorously opposed numerous counter-terrorism surveillance measures, policies, training procedures and training personnel. It would be very difficult to find a counter-terrorism measure that is supported by CAIR.

Additionally, many CAIR officials have “family, community or workplace relationships” with terrorists who have been sentenced to prison and/or deported for supporting terrorism. These CAIR officials include: Ghassan Elashi – founder of CAIR’s Texas chapter, Mousa Abu Marzook, Randall Royer – CAIR’s former civil rights coordinator, Bassem Khafagi – CAIR’s former community relations director, Rabih Haddad – a former CAIR fundraiser, Siraj Wahhaj – CAIR’s advisory board member, Muthanna Al-Hanooti – former head of CAIR’s Michigan branch and Nabil Sadoun – a former CAIR board member. Numerous CAIR officials have defended terrorists. Hussam Ayloush, CAIR L.A. director, blamed America for the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Ahmed Bedier, then CAIR Tampa director, defended Sami Al Arian who was indicted and plead to federal charges of raising support for Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a terrorist organization.

Yet, with all of these questionable “relationships” many CAIR officials, employees and members are not listed on the no-fly list. Therefore, the people who are on the no-fly list most likely have relationships or circumstances that are far more risky to public safety.

El Ali et al v. Sessions et al Case No. 8:18-cv-02415-PX was assigned to District Court Judge Paula Xinis of the United States District Court, District of Maryland. Judge Xinis issued an order on November 2, 2018 approving Defendants’ Joint Motion to Set Briefing Schedule and Page Limits for Official Capacity Defendants’ Anticipated Motion to Dismiss.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage District Judge Paula Xinis to make public safety the priority and keep air travel safe in El Ali et al v. Sessions et al.

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