By Kevin Collins

Of course losing the House was a disappointment. It sucks; and it was a bitter pill to swallow.

What made it worse was that some good conservatives lost, which was gut wrenching.

Nevertheless, we cleared out a lot of NeverTrumper dead wood in the House and the Senate. And that is a good thing.

The new Senate will easily be the most conservative and ready-to-fight, Republican Senate caucus in our lifetime.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; likely to remain Majority Leader and work to place the President’s judicial nominees on the bench.

In the House we now have a smaller but decidedly more hardcore conservative Republican caucus than we have seen in decades.

Over the past six months this writer has been a conservative cheerleader to whom every “Blue Wave Dooms Republicans” headline signaled it was time to strike back with an analysis of available numbers to show that we can take heart and not give up.

This won’t stop in the post 2018 mid-terms era.

Fighting with all available weapons is what all of us must do.

Now it is time to blow the smoke away and make sense of what is likely to happen over the next two years.

The Democrats will make Nancy Pelosi their Speaker which is something that should be eagerly anticipated by conservatives.

As President Donald Trump tweeted, we need Pelosi to take the gavel so she can fully own the misery that will likely visit upon many of the voters who gave her power again.

With Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, America will suffer; that is not at issue.

Nevertheless, this turn of events presents Pelosi as a perfect punching bag for President Trump.

When downturns occur–and they will–Trump will hang them around Pelosi’s neck.

The media and the Democrats have once again underestimated our President and his ability to pull voters to his candidates.

DeSantis and Scott winners in Florida
DeSantis and Scott, winners in Florida

The Lilliputians of the media tried their best to tie our President down but he was still able to absolutely pull Ron De Santis, Rick Scott, Brain Kemp, Josh Hawley and Mike De Wine over the finish line.

Others will dissect the careers of losing Republicans but it is a good bet that with few exception they were at best lukewarm supporters of Trump and his policies.

Eventually all of them will be exposed for what and who they are.

The next two years will be a great show to watch as Trump turns the tables on Democrats and his GOP critics again.

Trump is very good at running from behind.

Regardless of the final numbers in the Senate what we will have is a hard core of conservatives who will overwhelm the two remaining problems from Maine and Alaska.

Trump will make a deal with Mitch McConnell to help him remain Leader in exchange for filling the remaining federal court judgeship vacancies.

This will probably be finished by June; but could start as soon as next week.

The Democrats will go into mega super-duper investigation mode because this is what the people who bought the House for them want them to do.

Each Democrat who thinks he or she can beat Donald Trump in 2020 will try to out-kavanaugh (yes I just made kavanaugh a verb) the next guy.

braun and hawley with vp pence
Senate winners Mike Braun and Josh Hawley with VP Pence

They will foolishly try to argue that credit for the good things that happen (and there will be good things that happen) will go to Democrats and the hurtful things they do to America will go against Trump.

They will again underestimate Trump.

With the help of Speaker Pelosi the Democrats will overdo and over play their hand for two years.

Final thought: Won’t it be funny if Joe Manchin pulls a Richard Shelby and flips?

It doesn’t look likely, but if it did happen it could be based on some easy to see factors.

Manchin is now free of Chuck Schumer who can do nothing for him or to him.

Under the present system a 72 year old Manchin might not like being a “potted plant” for two years.

He might not want to gamble that Democrats win back the Senate in 2020 but he has no time to waste trying to decide what will happen and what he should do.

Manchin would gain nothing by becoming a “pretend Republican” who hangs around the Republican fort voting correctly but staying a Democrat.

That would wipe away any leverage he has at this moment if he switched; and the opportunity window is shutting.

Watching what Manchin does from now until January, which promises to be anything but a lame duck session, will provide an idea of where Manchin goes from here.