Ed.  Below are classic pics of the most infamous “recount” on all time: Bush vs Gore and the State of Florida! In it, the word CHAD was officially added to the American lexicon.

By Kevin Collins
The Democrats love recounts. They love them because some creative mathematics can help the Party bypass the will of the people.
Whenever a Democrat loses a close election the specter of a recount comes up.

Chads, Hanging Chads and How 'ya doin there Chad!
To Chad or NOT to Chad. THAT is the Question.

But what is the track record of the recounts we have endured in the recent past?
A study by the nonpartisan group called Fair Vote shows just how little return Democrats have realized from recounts.  
Here’s what Fair Vote found in its study of recounts:
“Recounts typically don’t swing enough votes to change the winner.
Out of 4,687 statewide general elections between 2000 and 2015, just 27 were followed by recounts…. Just three of those 27 recounts [11%] resulted in a change in the outcome, all leading to wins for Democrats.

Of the 4687 recounts at all levels from 2000 to 2015 the largest swing came in Florida’s 2000 presidential election recount when Al Gore picked up 1247 votes from a possible pool of more than 5,940 million votes cast.

The Florida Senate election saw more than 8 million votes cast which was 25% more than the 2000 presidential election votes cast.
Rick Scott has a lead of 30,000 which is more than 24 times what Gore was able to find in his recount.

Hanging, Dimpled, Pregnant…CHAD became the most important word in the English language. Yet after lawsuits and decisions by both the Florida AND United States Supreme Courts, nothing whatever changed. Democrat Al Gore remained a horse’s behind and George Bush became president.

In the Georgia Gubernatorial there were 3.882 million votes cast and Republican Brian Kemp got 50.3% of the vote while Democrat Stacy Abrams got 48.7%.
In raw numbers Kemp leads by 63,222 votes. Democrat Abrams’ goal is to force a recount that would drive Kemp’s vote percentage down to 49.9999999% which, under Georgia law, would trigger a runoff.
Here’s why that is not very likely: In order to get Kemp’s total down to runoff territory a recount would have to trim off 11,648 votes in a pool of 3.882 million votes cast.

Even Democrats can’t cheat THAT many voters out of their ballot choices!

But you can bet they’ll give it their best shot.