Ed.  Tucker Carlson gets his share of self-infatuated loons. Former Chuckie Schumer aide Chris Hahn believes anyone with the audacity to disagree with him must be “dealt with.” 

I can just imagine his methods of dealing with the incorrigible conservative types: confiscate their home or banking accounts; place their children in foster care; perhaps prison for the really dangerous sort. 


The following appeared in the Daily Caller on November 3rd

By Mike Brest

Tucker Carlson called out his guest, Chris Hahn, for saying that people who disagree with specific opinions that are widely believed should be “dealt with” during the former’s show on Friday night.

Carlson and Hahn were discussing the increased level of political correctness, which Hahn agreed had gone too far. Then Carlson posed the question, what would the response be if someone didn’t want to be corrected, and Hahn responded by saying those people should be handled.

“Look, I believe you have to get everyone to come around at the idea that all men and all women are created equal in this country and should be treated with dignity and respect,” Hahn stated. “When there are people who are not willing to treat people with dignity and respect, they need to be dealt with in society because this is not what we have in a welcoming open society, people who are actively trying to hurt people based on their race, sex, religion, gender or sexual identity.”

“I make the argument almost every single night on this show for a society that judges people on the basis of how they behave and not on their inane characteristics, like their [race or sex],” Carlson responded. 

“Can a Democrat, an elected Democrat look into the camera and say ‘I side with American citizens over everyone else. American citizens’ concerns are more important than the concerns of any other citizens around the world and when their interests conflict with the interest of other citizens, I’m taking America’s side.’ I don’t think they can say that,’” he added.

“I think they can. I don’t think they need to use the word ‘Nationalism,’ which now has a negative connotation,” Hahn continued. “This guy is trying to make nationalism a thing and white nationalists know what he means when he says ‘Nationalism,’ and that’s all that really matters in America.”