Ed.  Make up your own mind about the validity of these videos and of the information presented. I’ve been unable to verify these claims with info from other sources. But I wanted to make certain that Coach’s Team readers were aware of what the Infowars site had presented. 

Ed.  Video link HERE

Footage of train heading southbound reportedly captured in Arizona

The following information appeared in Infowars on October 31st

By Adan Salazar

A video posted to Twitter Tuesday showed a shipment of hundreds of military vehicles reportedly being sent to the US border in anticipation of a showdown with the migrant caravan currently headed to the US.TRAIN AND TANKS

“Train in Arizona recently heading southbound,” @RightWingLawMan wrote on Twitter. “Trump ain’t playin’.”

The footage comes as President Trump announced he would be sending 5,200 troops to strengthen border security after reports that a caravan of about 14,000 migrants, made up of mostly Hondurans, has continued making its way towards the US border.

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