Ed.  Could it be that the liberal Brennan Center for Justice is working on an excuse for a poor Democrat showing in the Midterm Election? The Center blames a prospective Democrat loss on Republican gerrymandering from 8 years ago! Seems odd, doesn’t it, that we heard SO much about a Blue Wave for the past year or so only to learn that the poor Dems don’t really have a chance!

Baloney! If Democrats lose it will be because they have spent the past year acting like DEMOCRATS!!  That is, insulting the American people, launching a grotesque attack on Brett Kavanaugh, calling President Trump everything but a milk cow, supporting Antifa thugs and assorted cop-killers…we all know I could continue. 

Democrat politicians have acted like the self-infatuated, America-hating thugs they are…and their arrogance is about to catch up with them on November 6th

By Kevin Collins

Back in March The Brennan Center For Justice released a report on what would be necessary for the Democrats to win back the House.

They said in order to win back the House Democrats would have to out-vote Republicans by a national average of 11 points. NO BLUE WAVE 1

They concluded that because of Republican gerrymandering of congressional districts across the country, (which became possible by the crushing defeat Democrats took up and down the ballot in 2010), the number of “unwinnable seats” facing Democrats and their “blue wave” was just too great.

The G-word “gerrymandering” is never heard in the media.

It is too easy to check and not easily lied about so they leave it alone.

The Brennan report was published seven months ago and was predicated on factors that were not dreamed of by its authors.

No one on the left (Brennan Center?) believed in Donald Trump’s insistence that he could end 2018 with an average GDP of 3% which is now all but a certainty.

No one on either side would have believed Trump’s efforts in Korea would bring us to where we are with North Korea.

No one on the left believed Trump would get 50% approval levels, let alone 40% from Hispanics, 45% from Latinos and such a thing as #walkaway would exist.

No one envisioned Trump campaign rallies week after week attended by 25,000 people with another 45,000 outside watching on a Jumbotron.

Certainly no one would have believed that, in this election, every Republican is really Donald Trump and every Democrat is Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters or Chuck Schumer.

No one would have believed that making Trump the issue would help Republicans in so many races.

No one could foresee the angry reaction of Republicans watching the savaging of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family.

All this and the careful gerrymandering carried out in Republican controlled states produced this discouraged comment from the Brennan Center.

“Even a strong blue wave would crash against a wall of gerrymandered maps.”

The Brennan analysis said: “ Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas were so well gerrymandered as to make these states “unresponsive” to a blue wave and Democrats could “increase their vote share by 10 or even 20 percent without gaining a single seat.”

Also in the report, “The 11-point threshold hasn’t been that high since 1982, when Democrats won the House by 12 points during Ronald Reagan’s presidential election, according to a USA Today report.”

In responding to this report, Charlie Cook’s analyst tweeted this in March.

“If Dems win the House popular vote by 10% and fail to take back the House, I’ll buy lunch for you & the entire @BrennanCenter.”

There is no indication that there is a huge surge of Democrat voting at least in mail in or early voting.

In fact it is the Republicans who are leading in early voting across the country.

Certainly nothing out there says Democrats will out vote Republicans by 10 or 11 points, let alone out vote Republicans at all.

The report ended with this note of resignation:

“What looks to be one of the most important recent midterm elections may turn out, in fact, to show how effectively extreme gerrymandering distorts American democracy and blunts the public’s voice.”