Ed.  Democrats are indeed vicious because they have the benefit of speaking with ONE VOICE. True “Moderate” Democrats are simply not permitted in the Senate or the House.

Republicans on the other hand must adopt that maddening approach of painful hesitation we know so well in order to mollify the handful of dependable SELL-OUTS, AISLE-CROSSERS or as I prefer to call them–self-infatuated Piss-Ants who have spent year after year cuddling up with their little friends in the national media, Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU.

You know…those good friends and supporters who praise GOP weaklings to their face while laughing like HELL at them behind their back.

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on September 30th

By Patricia McCarthy

Republicans have long been both exasperated and baffled by the general spinelessness of our elected representatives in the House and the Senate.  Who has heard a word from Paul Ryan throughout this Democrat-created nightmare?  

The Democrats have always fought to win, without principles; ethics be damned.  They don’t ever care who they use, abuse or destroy — Bork, Clarence Thomas, Miguel Estrada, Brett Kavanaugh to name just a few of their victims.  

The Republicans, most of them, operate differently.  They are generally polite, even to their opponents.  They make the effort to negotiate and compromise.  The Democrats rarely compromise.  They fight dirty; always have, always will.  

So why do Republicans never learn?  They confirm the SCOTUS nominees of Democrat presidents’ choosing in the belief that the POTUS has the right to pick qualified persons of his choosing.  Republicans would never, as Lindsey Graham said to the Democrats on the judiciary committee, never treat a nominee the way the Democrats have treated Judge Kavanaugh.  

But the question is, why is Lindsey Graham, forever an almost frustratingly go-along-to-get-along sort of man, the only one with the fortitude to say what millions and millions of us were screaming at our televisions.  What is wrong with Senators Cornyn, Grassley, Crapo and the others? Are they not as offended by what the Democrats are doing to this good man?  

What will it take for them to get mad, very mad at the unwarranted assault on Kavanaugh?  Those of us out here who see right through this smear without regard for a decent man, have never been so angry, so disgusted  at our elected representatives.  Ever.  Of that they can be sure.  

We are enraged at the democrats who are so gleefully doing everything in their power to ruin Brett Kavanaugh and we are almost equally enraged at the Republicans who are letting this travesty take place. Where do we go to get our country back? 

Granted, Senators Lee, Sasse, Kennedy and Tillis did their due diligence, albeit in a quieter manner than Graham but those of us watching were rooting for every one of them to fight back loud and hard.  How do they listen to Booker, Harris, Whitehouse, Durbin, Hirono, Coons, Feinstein, Leahy, Klobuchar and Blumenthal verbally, abusively and disrespectfully attack Kavanaugh, a better man than any of them, assume his guilt on the incredibly weak allegations of Ms. Ford without a shred of evidence and not want to jump over their table and grab them by their necks?   

The Democrats count on Republican passivity because it is the general rule.  Senator Graham momentarily broke the rule and it was a glorious thing to behold.  But how do we wake up the rest of them?  What will it take for them to be as horrified by what we have seen this week as we are?


And then there is Jeff Flake, a traitor to his party in the John McCain vein.  He is worse than meek, he is a shameless coward, a traitor to his voters.  He likes the attention that comes with being a “maverick” and cares nothing about his party, Judge Kavanaugh or the country.  No one is surprised by his treachery but we hoped that he had developed a conscience and a spine.  Sadly he has not.  He is still a despicable RINO, willing to betray his party and Kavanaugh on a whim.  Why did he call Rod Rosenstein before he  backtracked on his support for the Judge?  Hmmm.  Those on the right need to man-up and remember why they were sent to DC:  to uphold the Constitution because the Democrats only seek to render it null and void.