by Kevin Collins

Let’s take New York Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at her word regarding the duty of anyone who is accused of wrong doing to ask to be investigated.

Kirsten Gillibrand

Senator Gillibrand has said that by not asking for an FBI investigation of the “charges” against him, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not acting like an innocent person.

This is an especially strange statement in view of the lack of specifics in the charges against the judge.

The accuser has not been able to supply even a vague idea of the year of this attack, where it took place or who else was present during the alleged instant.

She has nothing but her “repressed” memory to rely on; which is just not good enough.

Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that Senator Gillibrand feels that, despite the flimsiness of the charge against him, in order to be a righteous person, and an honorable officer of the court, Judge Kavanaugh is compelled to demand the FBI investigate him.

By her own reasoning, Senator Gillibrand should demand the FBI investigate her since there is ample evidence that her father worked for the sexual predators of Nxivm at a time when she had moved to Albany to be near him.

Gillibrand and HIllary

She denies any knowledge of her father’s activities, but how do we know she is being truthful?

Both she and her father are lawyers.

It is an uncontested fact that Gillibrand’s father Doug Rutnik worked as an attorney for Nxivm for four months in 2004 at a rate of $25,000 per month.

In 2004 Gillibrand left her NYC based law firm to work in its Albany office.

She said it was to prepare to run for Congress in a district nearby, but she did not run until 2006.

She was in Albany during the period her father was working for Nxivm.

According to the U K Daily Mail, “[Doug] Rutnik [Kirsten Gillibrand’s father] was hired by [Keith] Raniere [the leader of the sex slave cult known as Nxivm] as a lobbyist in 2004 and was later sued by him. The case was eventually settled for $100,000. On Tuesday [March 27, 2018], a Gillibrand spokesman reiterated a November [2017] statement to the [New York Post] claiming that she knew nothing about the case.”

Gillibrand and “Spartacus” Cory

‘Senator Gillibrand had never heard of this group until she recently read about them in the newspaper,’ said spokesman Glen Caplin.

‘She is glad that federal and state prosecutors have taken action in this case.’

‘Raniere, 57, is the leader of NXIVM, a secretive group headquartered in Albany.

‘He is accused of branding female followers with his initials as part of an initiation.’

That covers Senator Gillibrand until sometime in November of 2017.

But this raises the question:If Senator Gillibrand now knows her father worked for a vicious sex slave ring for four months, not in the early 1990s but specifically in a four month span of time in 2004, why should she not be investigated so we can be sure she too was not an employee of, or a recruiter for NXIVM?

Gillibrand and Booker stumping for Bernie Sanders

As an attorney, and therefore an officer of the court, Kirsten Rutnik Gillibrand must ask for an FBI investigation of her involvement with Nxivm to prove she was not working for Keith Raniere in 2004!

This has to be done before we can allow Senator Gillibrand to stand for re-election this November.

Senator Gilibrand has said that she worked on “abused women” cases during her time as an active lawyer in Albany.

Was she recruiting women for Keith Raniere?

How can we ever be sure about her until the FBI clears her?